"In the late 1970's, F. D. Kendrick called several of the Brownville boys with the idea that we ought to meet for coffee. Two people were able to meet with him. Within a few months, this group (calling itself the "Brownville Bunch") had grown past 25 and was meeting every other week for breakfast. By the late 1980's, we were meeting weekly. For years our number held steady as new retirees replaced those members who had passed on.
A major improvement took place in the early 1990's as the ladies joined the group.
Almost 25 years have gone by since F. D. had the idea of a regular meeting, and time has taken its toll. Members are now in their 60's, 70's, and 80's. We still meet weekly, but average only about a dozen attending. It's sad to think about how many are gone, but we remember them all. Eventually, the Brownville Bunch will be no more, but until then, there will be many more tales told, a lot of laughs, a few arguments, and maybe a practical joke or two.
We ain't done yet!

From Charles Otts