Check out an earlier (1928-1938) map of Brownville by clicking HERE!

bvillehouses1.jpg (74825 bytes)

Drawing not to scale, but "close".

An  attempted to draw a plan view of Brownville proper and insert names of people who lived in each house is shown above. If you have any corrections please let me know. If I have missed a house that you know give it a number with a letter, such as Xa, Xb and etc. so that I know where to place it.
If you know of anyone else that lived in the same houses at some other time let me know. Example: house 14. I know the Gray's, Greg's and Skeleton's lived there at some time but there may have been some others.
I have tried to place the houses between streets in the area they belong.
I remember my Dad saying a fellow named "Bull" Conner and his crews built the houses.  Do you know what year that may have been?
I believe the site of the first store (commissary) was located on the pole yard at or near the site of the "framers" tool shed. Can someone confirm this?
It is my understanding there was, at one time, a community swimming pool located at the intersection of the main road and the road to the school house. Several of us young guys attempted to clear the area of bushes and reinstate the pool but that was not to be, ha. There was signs of the old pool there at the time. It was lined with, as you could guess, creosote timbers and fed by the creek that ran beside it.
At another time when James Minor was pastor at the Brownville Church (not sure of the year) it was decided by someone that a new dedicated church was needed and a site was chosen at the intersection of "Bobo Hill" and the main street (noted on map as number 10). The county hauled fill dirt in for the foundation but the lack of interest and leadership squashed that idea.

Thanks to Ruby Thrasher Kendricks, Ruth Wheat, Loareen Hocutt Smith, Ailene Hocutt Sullivan and Delores Montgomery Ryan for their input into naming the occupants of the houses.