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LEFT TO RIGHT-TOP ROW: Dewey Suggs, Reverend Wilber Rice, Reverend Clifton Wheat,
Richard Montgomery (Father of Ed Montgomery)

BOTTOM ROW: Will Wheat, Shide Wheat, Cleveland Wheat, Sam “Grinner” Montgomery and
a Mr. Rice who was a brother of Preacher Rice.

Someone asked the question, what contractor built the homes in Brownville? Although my daddy
helped to build the houses, I have never heard of a contractor being involved. I assume they were
paid by the day (not by the hour) for perhaps a dollar or so per day.

This house was built for Travis Johnson, the son-in-law of Byrd Sexton, who only lived there two
or three years then moved to Louisville. Henry Lee lived in this house in the late 30’s and early 40’s.

Submitted by Ed Montgomery