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Another class of Brownville. I have put ? by the ones I don't know or remember. Let me know who they are or if I have someone misidentified.

First row: Buford Miller, James Bush, Wanda Hosmer, Lavelle Brown, Sonny Ellis, ?. Sonny Banks. Buster Hocutt, ? Bigham, Hubert McDaniel, ? Bigham, Benny Barton and Tommy Otts.
Second row: ? Sanford, Betty Thrasher, Ann Carnegy, Mable Freeman, Bernice Bush, ? McGee.
Third row: Ray Thrasher, Hazel Barton, James Wheat and Maureen Thrasher.
Back row: Joan Thrasher, ?, Dorothy Thrasher, Evelyn Phillips, Lonnie Hollingsworth, Maxine McDaniel, ?Gilland, June Bobo, J.L. Montgomery, ?, teacher Mrs. Langston and .? Sanford.

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